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Bookkeeping & Accounting Support

No matter the nature or range of accounting needs that you may have, our staff will work diligently to ensure that your company's financial records are up to date, accurate and compliant - all without breaking the bank!

Business Analysis and Information (BI)

Business Analysis and Information also known as Business Intelligence (BI) solution enables small businesses to retrieve, analyze and report on their most important data. BI solutions use data analysis tools to help users see trends and make crucial business decisions.

Accounting Software Customisation & Automation

Automate your accounting processes so that redundancy of work can be reduced and the man power can be used somewhere else. Reducing the manual tasks of an accountant’s job by automating increases efficiency and reduces chances for human error.

Office IT Support

Whether you're looking for on-site business support services or are just in need of a quick solution, our flexible and cost-effective IT helpdesk can assist you with your needs both now and in the future.

How It Works How ASG's Personalized Approach Works

We have a unique approach to providing a technology based personalized solution for your everyday business problems. Here is how it works

01 Tell Us About Your Ideal Assistant

You call us and we take a brief about the problems your are facing or solution that you are looking for. Our expert will suggest the best solutions to you. We will suggest if any other related area can be improved using technology.

02 Meet And Approve Your Assistant

After a brief discussion our experts will have through meetings with you and will explain the solutions in details. This will continue until all the problems are sorted. After final demo we take the final solution to papers and have a formal approval.

03 Launch And Track

After approval, we launch the solution, customize the same as per user specific requirements on real time basis. We will provide training to the management and staff and keep a track of usage, new issues, and continuous optimization.

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