Transforming Data Into Actionable Insights

Business Intelligence Second brain for your business

A necessary tool for business which help them understand how things are going. This will help you in running the business as planned or get aligned. And we Love It When a Plan Comes Together!

ASG offers end-to-end customized Business Intelligence solutions and services, to convert your bulk of data into real-time, analyzed and intelligent information with its skilled and talented team. Our Data Visualization and Analysis services give a thrust to your business effectiveness and encourage you to relive your prevailing data with a state-of-the-art perception.

What BI Does How ASG Can Help Your Business Using BI

We help our clients shift from traditional and unreliable accounting methods to modern computer based accounting practices.

Convert data in valuable Information

We implement a reliable transformation process that converts data from your company into valuable information that can further be used for analysis.

Analyzing business performance

Using BI, ASG will provide you the relevant reports related all aspects of business on real time basis so that you can check and understand the trend of your performance.

Understand effects of strategies

We will moderate the BI to keep it in line with your business strategies and will enable you to understand and compare the impact of each and every strategy implemented.

Visualization of data

A customizable dashboard access will be available on your finger tips that will picturize your business performance as a whole and will also provide how the individual sector's performed.

Identify issues and bottlenecks

We will help you find all the bottlenecks and issues which are not visible and can lead to massive under performance. We will help you get answers of when, where and how much you should spend.

Better visibility of data and risk analysis

ASG will provide you a well defined report based on proper KPIs and other metrics with charts and tables to enable the management to find out their Risks and Opportunities.

Make fact-based decisions.

Since numbers don't lie, we help you take your decisions based on reports generated by processing your previous data and trend and predict the future requirements based on it.

Measure, track & forecast.

Having raw data is useless, but we help your process it by using the best tools and then effectively track & measure the performance to draw a trend out of it and then make predictions from it.

Monitoring of marketing campaigns.

From campaign performance to customer segmentation, we help you monitor all aspects for marketing to boost your ROI and have the ultimate customer satisfaction.

Budgeting and financial planning

By Creating “what-if” scenarios, forecasting future trends, analyzing current states and creating realistic budgets we help you to be on top of your game and plan ahead well in advance.

Departments That Need Analysis BI Is Not Limited To Knowing Business Profit

How all departments of your business can leverage Business Intelligence technology to improve strategic planning, reporting and analytical decision making

BI enable sales professionals and managers to effectively track, evaluate, and enhance the performance of their sales activities while predicting trends and results. They provide information on the sales people, where they perform best and what they can improve. The pressure they are under cannot allow them to waste hours on building reports: modern sales business intelligence software does that for you, centralizing all your metrics on one central place of access.

Where are you spending your marketing budget and from where are you getting you revenue. Which marketing campaign increased most revenue. Marketing professionals run many marketing campaigns across many channels. How effective each of these campaigns are, how marketing metrics like page views to visitors to sign ups is doing, the top five performing regions, products, and services—these are all questions that marketers want answers for.

Time is money, and you should make it a priority to keep track of how much of both you’re using. Combining BI with accounting software will allow you to easily integrate data from financial data so that you can quickly and easily create beautiful reports. Use these reports to draw the big picture for your entire team – like how much time they’re taking on various tasks or where specific departments have been spending their money! This data will be useful in areas such as Financial Planning and Analysis, Expense Management & tracking, Revenue and Profitability Management, and Cash-Flow & Balance Sheet Management.

Empower your operations with business intelligence that lets you keep track on their various units and specific achievements. Stay tuned on your performance evolution with real-time metrics, and grasp the overall view of your operations in no time. Get a full picture of your business and departments individually to measure their respective performance and take decisions on both micro and macro level.  

BI process involves generating insights from raw HR data which will improve workplace management, benefit recruitment processes and provide enhanced workforce analysis while curbing administrative costs via simplification of HR processes. Human Resources in businesses are a big deal as they oversee employee efficiency throughout the company; promoting its culture and values so that productivity can improve.

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Business Analysis and Information (BI)​

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