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Whether you are a company or an accounting firm, the diversity of options that our services provide ensures that the company management is provided with solutions which can be customized & automated based on your unique requirements. In many scenarios, existing software has some automation, especially with invoicing tools, it does not cover all your accounting needs as it might require manual data entry and other certain tasks to be performed manually for a number of reasons. The best way to tackle this issue is to customize your accounting software solutions so our expert team let’s you automate accounting processes and reduce redundancy of work by reducing chances for human error .

What Automation Does How Automation Can Improve your Accounts

We help our clients shift from traditional and unreliable accounting methods to modern computer based accounting practices.

Schedule reminders

We assist you in scheduling reminders for payments, generating invoices based on subscription plans, and other relevant due dates like paying payroll, taxes etc.

Auto Invoice processing

Automation helps invoices to be processed within hours with zero manual touch. Automate your SOPs and checks and choose when to pay, thereby protecting supplier relationships and allowing for early-pay discounts.

Automated / assisted bookkeeping

We automate syncing of your GL, creating bills from invoices, approval workflows, capturing invoice details from the document, document management, etc to reduce the mundane bookkeeping tasks and saving manhours.

Auto month end Journal posting

We implement workflows weherin you dont have to sit through the long process of doing calculation for the month end and then posting individual journals and is done automatically.

Payment Gateway Integration

We assist you in integerating the paymentgateways which can enable your customers to pay online in a single click of button. This can also send automated reminders for follow up & generate recurring invoices for subscriptions.

Multi-User Access & Scalability

We make sure that this is not only restricted to single user and can be given restricted/ complete access to other relevant stake holders. And yes it can be scaled up or down as per your needs.

Detailed audit trail of every user

We enable management to view a detailed audit trail of every usertaken keep every one accountable, prevent any fraud, do analysis & comparison using BI, and assist auditors.

Dashboard & Mobile Apps

We provide you with the dashboard access on PC and Mobile Apps for picturizing reports to get a helicopter view of your finances on the go and take decisions effectively without anyone explaining the complicated reports.

Custom work flows and automation

We take care of your payroll liabilities and ensure that they are correctly calculated and correctly paid, and can manage everything from the start of your business to the end, including PAYE, NI and pensions.

Tailor Made for each business

Every business has its own size based on its industry, size, management, etc and we customize this solution to automate the tasks that are most redundant to your business.

Cloud Access Capabilities

When you are always on the go we what you to have access of your financial data at all times. Our solution is cloud based to enable you the access from anywhere at anytime. Cloud access also enables you to provide work from home facilities to your employees.

24x7 backup and recovery solutions

Businesses today are increasingly operating in a 24/7 365 fashion. To avoid any financial data loss we make sure you have proper back up and recovery solutions and are working accurately.

Processes That Can Be Integrated Explore The Power Of Accounting Automation

In accordance with your line of business, you select the accounting software which best suits your requirements. We will customize & automate that software to meet your needs and integrate it into an all in one solution at an affordable cost.

Our accounting software solution helps you to:  Easily send estimates and invoices. Convert estimates to Tax Invoices online. Visualize your clients’ payments and overdue invoice, and Get paid on time.

  • Create quick invoices
  • Automated follow ups & reminders for chasing payments
  • Create Recurring invoices
  • Verification & approval systems
  • Attach your favorite payment gateways
  • Easy returns & refunds procedures
  • Automatically charge clients for recurring transactions

No matter what your business is, payables are an important part of managing your cash flow. From vendor bills to manage to expense reports for internal review, we make it easy.

  • Create and send purchase orders
  • Upload expense receipts for audit trail
  • Payment approval systems
  • Track where your payments are going
  • Link customers with purchases made for them.
  • Easy credit notes management

Select the good or service you’d like to add to your accounting software, enter your pricing information, and click Add. It’s that easy.

  • Realtime invoice tracking
  • Setting reminders for re-stocking, over-stocking.
  • Maintain stock with customized rates
  • Realtime reports from your e-commerce platforms.

You have the option to integrate bank accounts and sync your transactions with the software or import your bank statements directly and have them posted automatically with pre defined rules.

  • Bulk processing
  • Easy Reconciliations
  • Connect or import your bank
  • Realtime reporting of cashflows
  • Easy predictions for  funds management based on recurring payments & reconciliations
  • Auto categorization & posting of transactions 

We customize to keep things simple and allow companies to be on top of their finances by providing real-time information and different project based dashboards and customized reports, reconciliations and consolidated reports.

  • Keep track of multiple projects
  • Track project performances with ease
  • Collaborate with other projects
  • Log time based on projects worked

Our suite of reports is customized to meet needs of accountants, bookkeepers, management and cost accountants for getting better insight into the financial well being of the company.

  • Customize to suit your needs.
  • Dashboards for easy & quick understanding
  • Collaborate reports on a single click
  • Scheduling of report generation & to be emailed to concerned party
  • Proper categorization and tagging
  • Detailed audit trails
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics

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