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Information Technology Solution Bespoke IT solutions for Practices & SMEs

At ASG, we know more than a thing or two about IT. Whether you need guidance setting up a comprehensive and secure network for your data and files or you just need someone to help you plug in the printer for example, we can take care of it all for you. We are experts equipped with skills and knowledge across different areas in the field of information technology – systems administration and maintenance, server implementation support including support desk service, computer networking, help desk software management

What we offer How ASG Can Help You With Your IT Needs

Whether you’re looking for on-site server implementation services or are just in need of a quick solution, our flexible and cost-effective IT helpdesk can assist you with your needs both now and in the future.

Day To Day IT Support

We provide 15 Minutes Critical Service Level Agreement for all your day to day IT needs like fixing printer, monitoring system performance, assisting with network issues, etc.

Disaster Recovery

Data disasters happen. But premtive steps are taken to prepare yourself. Our solutions will help you protect your data and recover within minutes from a disaster to ensure business continuity.

Patch Management

We detect, test and apply patches to a computer system or network to prevent PCs, servers and other devices from being exposed to vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious hackers.

User Management

Our solutions help you manage your users, their devices and protect the corporate data. Whether you are looking at supporting BYOD or just need to deploy new hardware/software, we make it simple.

Server Implementation

Wet offer accounts and provide detailed reports, KPIs, helping you notice your risks & opportunities to make timely & effective decisions for your business & stakeholders.

Unlimited Support & Maintenance

With our Proactive & Reactive IT Support, you can rest assured that your business will run smoothly, 24x7x365. Our Monitoring and Management tools will help you detect and resolve it quickly.

Monitoring IT Strategy & Goals

We monitor your IT infrastructure and keep you updated with the latest trends. We help you identify gaps in your business goals and ensure your IT infrastructure is future-proof.

Dedicated Manager

Having a dedicated IT Support Manager is like having a project manager for your IT. With one point of contact, you can get all your issues resolved quickly, without being shuffled around.

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Other Services We Offer Other services relevant for you

Bookkeeping & Accounting Support

No matter the nature or range of accounting needs that you may have, our staff will work diligently to ensure that your company’s financial records are up to date, accurate and compliant – all without breaking the bank!

Accounting Software Customization & Automation

Think about automating your finance processes. This will ensure a more streamlined workflow and reduce the risk of human error by eliminating unnecessary & mundane manual tasks.

Business Analysis and Information (BI)​

A Business Intelligence solution enables small businesses to retrieve, analyze and report on their most important data. BI use data analysis tools to help users see trends and make crucial business decisions.

Office IT Support

Whether you’re looking for on-site business support services or are just in need of a quick solution, our flexible and cost-effective IT helpdesk can assist you with your needs both now and in the future.​